Woods Trail Makeover Campaign

The Friends of Blackwater 2017 end-of-year fundraising campaign is titled "Woods Trail Makeover" (#WoodsTrailMakeover).

The Woods Trail is a popular stop along the Wildlife Drive at Blackwater NWR and serves Dorchester County fourth and sixth grade students, families, birders, and nature lovers of all ages. It's also important habitat for frogs, toads, numerous songbirds, and the Delmarva fox squirrel.

Money raised in this campaign will be used to:

  • extend the length of the trail
  • upgrade and replace the kiosks and interpretive panels
  • add new path material and new trail markers
  • create a new trail brochure

Explore the Woods Trail gallery below and use the form to donate! Your support will make Blackwater NWR a better place for people and wildlife!

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