Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge Quiz
Answer the questions below. Once you've selected all the right answers, the picture will be complete.

1.Blackwater Refuge comprises approximately how many acres?
16,000 28,000 46,000
2.Blackwater Refuge was originally created to protect...
endangered species migrating waterfowl wetlands
3.Why are hunting and trapping allowed at Blackwater Refuge?
to control animal populations to appease local politicians
to generate tourism revenue
4.How much does Blackwater Refuge contribute annually
to the local economy?
$4 million $8 million $15 million
5.How many acres were destroyed annually by the nonnative nutria
before their eradication?
50-100 250-450 500-1000
6.Blackwater Refuge has one of the largest U.S. breeding
populations of which raptor?
osprey golden eagle bald eagle